Understanding Refusal of Chemical Tests During a DUI Stop in Nevada

In Nevada, understanding the implications of refusing a chemical test during a DUI stop is crucial for anyone facing such a situation. Many individuals wonder, “What happens if I refuse a breathalyzer or blood test during a DUI stop in Nevada?” At CEGA Criminal Law Group, we’re here to provide insight into this issue and […]

Understanding DUI Laws in Nevada: Can I Get a DUI Even if I Was Under the Limit?

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Navigating Felony DUI Offenses in Nevada: A Guide to Legal Representation

In Nevada, navigating the legal landscape surrounding DUI offenses can be complex, especially when charges escalate to felonies. Understanding when DUI becomes a felony and the potential consequences is crucial for individuals facing such charges. At CEGA Criminal Law Group, our team is dedicated to providing expert legal representation to those in need, guiding them […]